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Coaching young athletes can feel like a full-time job, and expectations couldn't be higher. We're here to support your coaches with training and tools to help them get the most out of their teams and themselves.

We also know running a youth league is hard, and league leaders need help getting the word out about the resources available to their coaches.

This tool is designed to help. Please use it to tell us about yourself and to ensure your new and veteran contact and non-contact coaches receive free resources from us including the Coach Planner App and webinars.

We'll also tell your coaches about earning their Youth Coach Certification ($15 online this year, a $25 annual value). Certification includes health and safety courses, a Foundations of Quality Coaching, and additional resources like our 48 pre-made practice plans, playbooks with 325+ plays, and guides with over 250 drills. Getting your coaches certified helps contribute to your league's success with the League Excellence Program as well.

Note: If a coach's email address is already part of our database this year, that email address will not receive the messages as part of this program to ensure we do not overwhelm their inbox.

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Please tell us who you are and what organization you are with. Please note, we will use your name and your organization's name to inform the coach who submitted their information.


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This is where you add more youth coaches from your organization.

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